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Struggles since criticizm about habbits of faith
12-09-2017, 10:19 AM
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Struggles since criticizm about habbits of faith
Half years ago, when I started a walk with the Lord, from a side of few very close christian brothers I have been criticized for my new habbits of faith: the way I pray, the christian books I read and unbaked thoughts I have and say.

The message was the following: they can see on my face that my salvation is not real, I am stil not able to believe in Jesus, I don't belong to "their group" chosen by the Lord. This started ruin in my life.

This was half years ago. These days I often rest in the Lord, but I still have struggles. When a conversation or a teaching has the emphasys on the performance instead of the grace of the Lord, I feel a pain and it triggers me back half years, where I started. After that two or three days I feel a kind of absence from the spiritual life.

I understand that I musn't rely on opinions of others, but it is very hard for me, because some of messages about importance of performance comes from my beloved ones.

For example they say: "You say You want love and peace at you home right? No, this idea comes from your ego! You are not able to do that! You haven't got the help of the Holly Spirit. Read the Scripture, pray more and often, ask for the help of the Holly Spirit! But before that, give your life to Jesus! Untill You don't give Your life, it wouldn't succeed! You struggle! I see it in your face! It is obvious to our christian brothers!".

Then I feel ashamed, dissapointed, worthless.

It is for me just the opposite of what I read and understand from the Scripture: the words I read are about the Grace of the Lord.
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12-12-2017, 08:44 AM
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RE: Struggles since criticizm about habbits of faith
Sorry to hear that hrobi. Sounds like your friends are performance oriented. That's a works philosophy many get caught up in to work out their own salvation. They do not understand fully what the Grace of God means. If possible, try to find a place of peace apart from them. We have to leave a toxic faith environment behind in order to recover.

Does this pic describe you?

Reg Smile "If we want to set our lives right and find peace, it is not the tolerant attitude of others that will do it for us. It will come about, rather, by our learning how to show compassion to them..... If we do not seek liberation from our obsessions, then becoming more withdrawn and less social may even make us more blind to them, since it can mask them." - John Cassian (He lived between 360 and 430 A.D. He was a monk in Bethlehem and Egypt.)
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