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Request for Newcomers
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Request for Newcomers
Because of the intrusion of spam, we are going to ask that all newcomers state the reason for joining the forum. As long as it related to spiritual abuse or abusive groups, cults, or any other remotely related recovery issue, one is invited. I realize first timers may feel put off by such a request. Rest assured that this is a emotionally safe place. A brief sentence will more than suffice. Even one thinks one may have a problem, the person is welcome.

Friends of those who loved ones in groups are always welcome. We also invite anyone who may have inquiries or during research on the topic.

We do get a member who lost a loved one to a group. Also from time to time we do get requests for information. A few times we have graduate students looking for volunteers to participate in a study. Most of the students are studying for counseling professions and already have an understanding of confidentiality.

I know was extremely gun shy when I got out of my groups. Some need time just to "hang out" before posting. If that is the case, a private message or a sentence to the effect of "I just feeling a little shaky right now" is perfectly OK.

This is not a chat room, a trading post, nor place for inappropriate explicit posts. The admins do ask that one reads the guidelines for on line behavior. It is actually common sense courtesy.
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