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Just searching for support
07-21-2018, 09:39 PM
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RE: Just searching for support
I too have been hurt very badly by my church that I no longer attend. I still love this church and I wish I could get the support or a hearing ear to get someone to understand the pain I have endured. The Pastor and I are on speaking terms but only by text or email. We had a close relationship and during the last several months I have relied on him to counsel me. I have however abused our communications by sending too many emails or text and as a result I have been told I have seriously injured my Pastor by doing so. Specifically, his health, his family and his ministry. He never once told me to stop so I thought he was counseling me.
I have been devastated by this news because I had no idea what was happening. To make it short I was rebuked by the church leadership without any consideration of what scripture says about the discipline procedure found in scripture, our church bylaws and even the Westminster Standards.
I have tried to explain the hurt from this but no one wants to understand. I have talked with leadership including the Pastor but they just want to drop the matter, forgive and forget. Its just not that easy to heal from such a devastating hurt. One elder told me that the leadership thinks I am mentally unstable and that I would not be able to serve as an officer in the future. I am already an ordained Deacon in my denomination. I just feel that there rebuke was way too harsh, was not according to scripture but they don't want to admit it. I am wanting to return to the church but the hurt and pain and the mistrust have held me back. One time I say to myself I can never return to the church and the other is that this is where God has placed me so I should return, endure the embarrassment and the looks and stares and the mistrust and simply return and forget about it all. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I should view this? Thank you.
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