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A series of videos about addiction is available here



灵程十二步 (The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with corresponding biblical references)    [html]     [pdf]
Alcoholics Anonymous in Beijing [English]   |  [Chinese]
Alcoholics Anonymous in Shanghai
Alcoholics Anonymous in Hong Kong
Alcoholics Anonymous in Taiwan
Narcotics Anonymous in China and Hong Kong
Sex Addicts Anonymous in Hong Kong


Twelve Step study guides used at the Celebrate Life Baptist Church in Hong Kong Simplified Traditional
Celebrate Recovery The Celebrate Recovery workbooks and manuals are available in Chinese. Contact CR's international coordinators:
Bob Wood (702) 884-9830
Dave Dent (410) 857-9644




Men's Health Programme, Dept. of Health, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Simplified Traditional


Fact sheet on Smoking - For Smokers (Dept. of Health - Hong Kong) Simplified Traditional
Fact Sheet on Smoking - Message to Parents (Dept. of Health - Hong Kong) Simplified Traditional
Quit Smoking for Your Family (Dept. of Health - Hong Kong) Simplified Traditional


Men's Health Programme, Dept. of Health, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Pathological Gambling Simplified Traditional
Chinese Community Task Force on Gambling (Helpline: 1-888-968-7888 (Mandarin and Cantonese)
Gambling Recovery Centre
Prevention and Rehabilitation of Pathological Gambling Association
Hong Kong Gamblers Recovery Centre


Drug Abuse



The Big Book of Alcoolics Anonymous is available in chinese. It is not listed in their online catalog but it can be ordered from:
Easy Does it Books
Voice: 562-621-1042
3517 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803


Born to Lose: Memoirs of a Compulsive Gambler by Bill Lee(Hazelden, 2005) ISBN-10: 1592851533 Story (in English) of a second-generation chinese-american gambling addict.


希望之門-性傷害的醫治與重建 A Door of Hope 作者: 珍.法蘭克 Jan Frank Available here
屬靈誤用--在你信仰生命中會遇到的問題 The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse 作者: 大衛.強森/傑夫.范達倫 David Johnson / Jeff Van Vonderen Available here
Healing For Damaged Emotions 傷癒 - by David A. Seamands Available here
Forgiving Our Parents, Forgiving Ourselves - by Dr. David Stoop and Dr. James Masteller 饒恕 生命更新的秘訣 Available here
Forgiveness And Freedom 寬恕與自由 - by David Augsburger - 黃希敏 譯 Available here
No Place to Cry - The Hurt And Healing of Sexual Abuse 哭訴無門 - 性虐待的傷害與醫治 by Doris VanStone & Erwin W. Lutzer Available here




Preventing Eating Disorders (NYU Child Study Center)
How to Approach Drug Issues with Your Family (NSW Health Dept. - Australia)


過 .癮 Quick fix (Emmanuel Resource Service)
pdf Having Real Fun? Problems with Gambling (Asian Services/Problem Gambling Foundation - Auckland Regional Public Health Service, New Zealand)
pdf Responsible Gambling Handbook Addictions Foundation of Manitoba


pdf Global Status Report on Alcohol 2004: China (in English)
pdf Alcohol and Depression (Royal College of Psychiatrists - U.K.)
pdf Aging, Medicines and Alcohol (U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration - SAMSHA)
pdf Alcohol and drug problems happen in all kinds of families (NSW Health Dept.- Australia)
pdf Drinking Alcohol: How Much is Healthy? (NSW Health Dept.- Australia)


pdf What Is Substance Abuse Treatment? A Booklet for Families (SAMHSA)
pdf Ecstasy - Understanding the Risks (NSW Health Dept.- Australia)
pdf What Chinese-American Parents Need to Know About Marijuana National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign(US)
pdf Inhalent Abuse: Your Child at Risk National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign(US)


pdf Aspire to stop smoking National Health Service, Scotland
pdf How to stop smoking and stay stopped National Health Service, Scotland
pdf Asthma and Smoking (Asthma Foundation Victoria - Australia)
pdf Facts About Smoking (Massachusetts Department of Public Health)
pdf Men Who Smoke (NSW Health Dept. - Australia)
pdf Myths About Cigarette Smoking (NSW Health Dept. - Australia)
pdf One step at a time: For smokers who don't want to quit (Canadian Cancer Society)
pdf One step at a time: If you want to help a smoker quit (Canadian Cancer Society)
pdf Quitting Smoking: the First Few Days (NSW Health Dept.- Australia)
pdf Reasons to quit smoking (NSW Health Dept. - Australia)
pdf Smoking and Pregnancy (NSW Health Dept.- Australia)
pdf Health Risks & Need For Prevention: A Tobacco Report On Southeast Asian Youth (in English)
pdf Smoking Among Asian Americans: A National Tobacco Survey (in English)


pdf You Have A Right To Be Free From Violence In Your Home For Immigrant and Refugee Women
pdf Breaking the Silence: Preventing Violence Against Asian American Women (a three-module English-language curriculum intended to promote communication among Asian American women college students and campus staff about sexual violence and intimate partner violence.)
pdf Silent Epidemic: A Survey Of Violence Among Young Asian American Women (in English)


pdf Helping Yourself Heal: A Recovering Woman's A Guide to Coping With Childhood Abuse Issues
pdf Abuse Is Wrong In Any Language (Dept. of Justice, Canada)



pdf Asian American and Pacific Islander Treatment Providers Directory (California only)
Asian American Drug Abuse Program (Los Angeles)
Asian Pacific Family Center (Rosemead)
Operation Dawn (Taiwan)
Centre for Psychotropic Substance Abusers (Hong Kong)
Boyle Heights Family Recovery Center, Call Sun Lui (323-262-1786 ext. 19)
Chinatown Service Center - Los Angeles, Monterey Park(counseling)
Pacific Asian Counseling Services
Asian American Christian Counseling Service,



Asian American Psychological Association
Asian and Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence
Federation of Chinese American and Chinese Canadian Medical Societies
National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse
National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association (NAAPIMHA)
Asian American Mental Health Directory (San Francisco area only)



Asians, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and Chemical Dependence
Articles about abuse.
Articles about gambling.