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Old 04-30-2012, 05:54 AM
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Default Re: Out of town leadership

Largely agree. These two quotes stand out for me.

......"Congregational ministry needs to produce strong leaders from within who are fully capable of serving and supervising their own congregation.".......
......"Unfortunately, they have voluntarily become part of a hierarchical system that is not based on the New Testament"....
Reg "If we want to set our lives right and find peace, it is not the tolerant attitude of others that will do it for us. It will come about, rather, by our learning how to show compassion to them..... If we do not seek liberation from our obsessions, then becoming more withdrawn and less social may even make us more blind to them, since it can mask them." - John Cassian (He lived between 360 and 430 A.D. He was a monk in Bethlehem and Egypt.)

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